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Client Reviews

The emotionally charged issues that arise in divorce cases evoke very different responses from judges who see many such cases than from parties who are embroiled in them. To be truly effective, a family law attorney must understand both perspectives--and the written law as well. Rob Wellon has a deep understanding of all of those things. As a consequence, he is a wise counselor and an effective advocate. He is a true leader of the family law bar.

- A Quote from Chris

Rob was highly recommended to me from a family friend as I was contemplating divorce after a long and difficult marriage. This was unfamiliar territory for me from the start; however, his paralegals and office staff were welcoming and professional from the beginning until the end. I had been looking for a lawyer with integrity, honesty and sound knowledge of the divorce laws as we were up against a difficult opposing party. At our initial meeting, Rob was fine with me bringing in a close confidante to listen. I found with every meeting and phone conversation that Rob remained confidently humble about his legal knowledge and stayed collected even when I was not. He stayed the course the whole way even though it seemed the end would never arrive, often having to remind me calmly that he had “been down this road before.” After staying up all night preparing my case for court, Rob was a tough but fair negotiator. He was able to protect my assets 100% and persuade the judge to award me legal fees. I’m forever grateful.

- Sally

Rob Wellon represents his clients aggressively but he is also the voice of reason. His years of experience as a family lawyer are undeniable when representing his clients. I would enthusiastically refer him to any person who sought an expert in this field.

- Marian

Attorney Robert Wellon gave me a first-rate performance when it came to my divorce. From the first meeting and throughout my divorce he was a warm and kind gentleman. He asked me what outcome I wanted from the divorce and from that moment going forward I only had to relax and let him litigate my case. He offered me such conformality and tranquility during a time of uncertainty. He has outstanding strategic capabilities, ensuring a successful outcome. He’s a highly respected lawyer locally and national community. He’s a very efficient lawyer that performs well and fights for those that can’t and gets through with a win. Atty. Robert Wellon is also a family man, a civic leader, sings at the church choir and a professor at Emory University Law School. All of these components make him an outstanding attorney in the field of family law.

- Vivian